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Broken Plan Living

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

It looks like the open plan living concept is moving closer and closer into the sunset whilst simultaneously something new is emerging on the horizon, coming towards us is a new form of living space. Quickly coming to be known as Broken Plan Living. The once adored togetherness and all in one space is now fast turning into an annoyance, with individuals wanting that much loved space back. How does Broken Plan living work? It still retains the open elements of open plan living but breaks up areas with the introduction of structure to create that separate space.

Where open plan living utilised colours to create zones, broken plan living uses structural elements. Think of a floor to ceiling, through bookcase for instance.

This can also flow through to the kitchen. Once a place considered only for cooking and cleaning, it is now possibly more the social heart of the home than the living area. Think of the amount of time you ended up socialising in the kitchen area. So how to make that kitchen more accommodating to your social animal?

Why not a two tonal breakfast bar? Or a connected dining table but equally unconnected through the use of different materials and styles and shapes.

Visit Alesso and we can guide you to you own Broken Plan living.

Cover image by The Cut by Record e Cucine



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